In Another’s Eyes.

If there was a way we could be invisible from the world and see what people think about us, then I am afraid I would see all the feelings and emotions I don’t wish to see.

I may not have the valour to see the malice people possess for me. I call myself a sadist, an emotional fool and an awful lot of other things, but do I have the courage to hear the same from others? Maybe not!

Then maybe I’d find a handful of people who paint this picture perfect portrait of me. According to them I am someone else, I can do no wrong, they believe in me and their faith is strong. Do I have the audacity to be the person they think I am? To be as humble and caring as they think I am. Definitely not!

I do not have the fortitude to see myself from another’s eyes.

How would you see yourself from another’s eyes?


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