Lately the realization that I am an introvert and a pathetically conservative person was more than ever.

My society and my upbringing turned me this way. I am not regretting the way I have evolved, just acknowledging it.

The question arises, who exactly is an introvert and what are the repercussions? He is that person whom you’d see in the furthest corner in a party, afraid to even raise an eye towards the opposite sex, let alone talking and impressing them. He is afraid to express the way he feels, afraid to be noticed, afraid to feel loved. A person who is highly sensitive to the world’s events yet equally nonchalant to the outside world! A person known for confusing people and sending wrong signals! A sadist with a life full of regret for un-spoken words and what-if’s!

Some people claims they transformed their reclusive-ness over the years. I don’t believe it is possible, or maybe I have this talent of spotting and communicating with an introvert. Perhaps there is a science or logic of secret communication between two introverts. Before they could express their feelings, I sense them. I can hear what they can’t say. It happens totally naturally.

Many times I have thought why I can’t connect with some people no matter how hard I try. Yet some people are impossible to give up. Maybe this chemistry is at work.

So for all the introverts out there, I am one of you. And I say screw the world, we are going to live the life on our terms and we are going to remain being who we are.

I wish to know if you identify this phenomenon and how it is impacting your life.


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