I got a handful of compliments of late. Me and compliments!? Yes, believe it! It surprises me as well.

People ask, why and how the renewed vigour? I wish I knew. Perhaps it is the weight loss due to lack of proper meals. According to some, I have become skinny. But I can’t feel it. It could be the tremendous increase in responsibilities. I can’t possibly be feeling relaxed. My life took a 180 degree turn and I have a lot on my mind. I lost the one person I was connected to. This person was a reflection of God, a paradigm of affection. A part of me! I can’t put into words what I lost.

Now I have absolutely nothing to lose. Perhaps, this is the very reason behind the relaxed outlook. An utter sense of fearlessness, things can’t go worse. It does put one’s mind at ease.

I have paid the highest price to earn a bunch of compliments.

I wish to hear from people who have felt this fearlessness and what lead them to it?


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