Ever Been in Love?

No. Some people refuse to believe that it is possible to spend a lifetime without being in love. They discard the idea that I have never been in love.

It is the very basic feeling of youth or teenage, yet I never felt it. I kept asking people how it feels, what’s it like. How can I miss an emotion if I have never known what it is?

Is it my strong defences that have kept me from feeling this emotion, or my lack of courage to love someone? It is my habit of hiding away from feelings or is it the fact that I am an introvert?

Could it be possible that I am keeping all the love and emotions hidden for that one person but then what’s the certainty? In my society a girl is allowed to only think and imagine. Her future rests in the hands of others. I belong to this demented and deprived crowd.

I want to hear from people who share the same feeling of deprivation. What is love according to them and is it possible never to be in love? If the outcome of love is often hurt and pain then why do we always seek for it?


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