Salvation Lies in God’s Affiliation.

Maula Ali Rehmat-ullah Aleh once said, “God, what did he find who lost You, and what he gets who found You?” The Answer is: Nothing and Everything!

I have been a strong advocate of religion being an entire personal experience. The connection to God can’t be explained or forced or replicated. A guide can only motivate us to proceed on the right path but can’t develop depth in our supplications.

I have been lost and confused for the most part of my life. Many times I have even dared to question God Almighty’s Will. Those were the darkest times of my life, when depression and dread were the way of life. I used to beg people to guide and show me the light. Slowly and gradually I came out of that phase. Perhaps a realization came from inside. I worked on my connection with God Almighty, His Prophet (SAWW) and the 13 infallibles (AS). I have actually witnessed my life taking a positive turn. I become regular with my prayers, recite Holy Quran often and read more and more about the 13 infallibles (AS). I feel I am guided. I felt that inner peace developing deep down inside and even reaching to others Masha Allah.


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