It has been a really long time since I have written something for my blog. I wanted to write some thoughts, some tempest of my mind yet could not decide what to pen down.

Well, let’s talk about blessings. We have our individual experiences regarding the blessing element of God. Some people think they are overly blessed yet some are content with whatever little they have. I believe God’s blessings could be an addiction. The more He rewards us, the more we demand. It is the insatiable nature of Insaan (human).

God has blessed me immensely in life. I have every material and immaterial thing I can wish for. Alhamdullilah. Yet at lonely nights I find myself knelt down in front of the Creator, asking for one thing or another. I believe one of the parameters of maturity is, I no longer ask anything for myself. I have seen people who are much more in need that I. People with unstable careers and a large family to feed, sisters and daughters to marry and parent’s ailments to treat. I have seen disabled children with little to no hope in life, middle aged girls who have waited too long to see their dreams come true. I pray for them. I definitely don’t want any thing for myself anymore – just Bless them God and Bless my parents.

I used to be a demanding being of Yours, now I feel I am content, which is no less than a blessing in itself. Thank you God!


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