The Lighthouse.

When the nights are long, and you’re feeling lost and alone
You’re thinking about the happier times that have come and gone
No one sees the tears on your pillow, no one knows the loneliness you feel inside
You need to feel loved again, and have someone special by your side

Look out your window, and look toward the sea
Beyond the lights of the city, past the forests and the trees
And there through the mist and the fog
A bright ray of light will come shining thru
Like a warm ray from the sun that dries the morning dew

As you bask in the warmth from the rays of the light
The love, hopes and dreams your heart has longed for are now within sight
Through the night air you soar through the clouds and the stars,
High above the city and the forests, the trains and the cars

And there on the rocky shores
Standing firm against the stormy sea
There, standing tall and proud is a Lighthouse
A Lighthouse, that is me.

- Penned by Bernard Turner.


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