Shoot Me With A Gun!

Tamasha taktee rahee dunya mere mout ka maa,
Na janay kis jurm ki saza payee yaad nahee

On Aug 15, dozens of people publicly beat to death two young brothers, Hafiz Mughees, 17, and Hafiz Muneeb, 15, in the presence of Sialkot District Police Officer Waqar Chauhan and eight other police officers.

Peaceful protests, sittings and walks took place at Press Club Karach, Islamabad and Liberty chok, Lahore to condemn this horrendous act of voilence. Over 85 arrests were made on Wednesday in connection with the brutal murder of two brothers.

The background of the brutal killings was a teenage rivalry on the game of cricket.

Personaly I am speechless and utterly saddened by the mindless killing in the most atrocious manner. I don't know what to think I don't know what to do. I feel so helpless in front of the questioning eyes of Muneeb and Mughees Butt demanding for justice. The nation, we committed a crime, that too, of a severe nature. We take pleasure in watching the specticle of their killing on YouTube and cellphone. Without realizing what a sin took place with our hands. Justice should be served. Insha Allah.


- Shazia Sabeen

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