Airport Love

During my recently trip to Lahore, one of the most amazing experiences was listening to this conversation while waiting for my flight to Karachi. One girl sitting poised, having tea next to a boy were talking along these lines:

You are the love of my life.
You are the person I have always dreamt of.
You are the answer to my prayers.
You are the greatest gift from Allah Almighty.
You are my confidence.
You are my pride,
you are the sunshine that brights my day,
you are the serenity that fills my night.
You are amazing.

It sounded like poetry to my ears and I couldn't help smiling to myself. :)

I am an avid lover of airports and travelling and this idea of "Airport Love" suddenly intrigued me a great deal. Twenty-seven million people hanging around airports and flying on airplanes on Eid. Most travelers will be dreaming of Biryani and Kheer, some folks will be scanning the gate areas and economy seating sections for a potential mate or at least someone who can help a long flight fly by faster.

I associate great restpect for frequent flyers. Many frequent travelers consider airports and airplanes to be some of the least romantic places around. Passengers are stressed out and focused on making it through the security and to their gates. And few things are less appealing than spending four, five or six hours squeezed in next to a stranger, sometimes even a very handsome or pretty one, who falls asleep and starts drooling and/or snoring loudly. I have been through this situation many times.

But if you’re looking for love or even just a fun, interesting conversation then considers airports and airplanes ideal spots to find dates, mates, friends, similar interest partners.

There are plenty of reasons we should show up at the airport ready and willing to engage other people in conversation. Sometimes we are too tired to talk, even if it is the Dalai Lama sitting next to us. But we should really make an effort because we can learn a lot of things by being thrown together at an airport or on a plane. We never know what could happen.

And what if you want to make sure something happens? Schwartz was also happy to share a few tips for those well-mannered travelers who might want to help things along.

- Shazia Sabeen

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