Failure! The most dreaded word of all. Usually the word failure is associated with sorrow and defeat. But recently I discovered a new meaning of failure - Strength.

Throughout my life I have been such an aggressive student. I did masters with top marks and cramming a 120-page chapter was piece of cake for me. An ace in studies and inspiration to all youngsters in my surrounding. It was believe that I couldn't fail an exam. Relatives and friends had blind faith in my intellect.

Alas I failed a test. Indeed, I felt the pangs of sorrow. It was my most downgraded moment. I thought couldn't breathe. That suffocating feeling is still vivid in my mind. Not only I disappointed my friends and family but also I was ashamed in my own eyes.

I thought I can't go on. Then comes an odd realization which put me at ease. I said, "Shukar hai Parwardigar" (Thanks be to God!). I felt an instant inner serenity.

How does it feel to thank the Lord for a failure!? I can't tell precisely but it does help you cope with the sorrow in a better way. It helps you revive your faith in the Almighty and the fact that He has a plan for you.

It also helps one to ponder at what success and failure are. Success and Failure are basically nothing just the translation of the amount of effort we put in to make a difference. So, give a best to any exam and transform failures into a strength.


Anonymous said...

青春一逝不復返,事業一失難有成。 ..................................................

rubina said...

Wow, I never knew that failure can be so much alluring too?