I have never been in love, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read Love and Relationship articles on the Internet. I do and with an immense interest actually. Recently I read an interesting aspect about people in ‘Advance Stage’ love affairs. It is called Mirroring. The phenomenon is after a certain time span, depending upon their mutual relationship, the couple starts mirroring each others physical motions. If the girl tilts her head, the guy would do the same; if the guy leans forward during a conversation the girl would do exactly the same. This has said to occur involuntarily and is the result of extensive connection and mutual consensus between the two.

Forced or voluntary mirroring is advised by love and relationship counsellors as a remedial measure for couples struggling with their relations.

Mirroring helps couples match their stress, anxiety and calm levels. In advance stages of love it takes place naturally. Their response and action time matches, sometimes even ailment and recovery process corresponds.

I personally would love to experience that one day. I think even the idea of induced mirroring is enticing. So, try observing if you are mirroring your partner involuntarily. If you have experienced it in a marriage of many years or courtship, please share your ideas.


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