Different People.

It is interesting meeting people of different nature and behaviour. I would like to discuss two of these types of people who happen to touch my life.

TYPE I: People who are intimidated of themselves, of their own emotions and feelings. They are so full of themselves, egoistic and self-centred. They want the world to be at their feet. They are afraid to take initiative and even if they do, they are always looking for back doors. They seldom recognize their emotions and almost always deny them later. They blame and accuse others for their faults. They enjoy belittling others but in turn they lead a very confused life. They are not satiated by a simple, caring partner; they always see a lacking in them. They sought for a complex, careless individual who treat them bad. The conflicts in their mind are a plague to their personal life.

TYPE II: These people are intimidated of others. They are extremely afraid and introvert. They run away from others for the fear of opening up to them. When a sibling, friend or partner shows care and concern to them, they shut that person out. They are very spontaneous and precarious with massive mood swings. Only a very understanding person can survive with them. After a bout of confusion and being lost, they are highly caring and intuitive.


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