Self-love and Selflessness

Try to be a victim of Self-love.

Self-love is no Love!

Self-love is the purest and earliest form of love ever existed.
One who can't love him/herself;
he doesn't know how to love.
In short it's the origin of every destination and start of every end.
One may choose the destination but not the origin.

When a person alleviates himself from the bounds of self,
he sees the true meaning of life,
the humanity.
He even finds God.
The purest form of Love is the love of a mother for her child.
Would you call it self-love?
Selflessness is the beginning of fulfillment.
Once the person is whole, he loves self too.

How can one ignore the fact that child was once part of mother's own self,
so what is the origin of mother's love for the child.

I finally found myelf in selflessness - Rumi.
We all are plagued with selfishness.

One can be purely selfish but can't be purely selfless.
To be purely selfless is not humanly possible,
except for few choosen by the Creator.
It should be our ultimate objective though.

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