Flight Turbulence.

PK352 KHI-UET, June 19th 2008. It was late noon and I was on board this 310 aircraft with my team. It was a smooth flight from the beginning, the crew was exceptionally co-operative. As the aircraft entered UET flying zone, it experienced the worse turbulence I have ever come across in my two decades of air travel. The aircraft was gaining altitude with a jerk and was descending several feet with same speed. I was standing on the right-side aisle talking to an unhappy passenger. Luckily there was an empty seat next to him, I was thrown to it and quickly fasted the seat belts. Many passengers screamed, some throw-up and a lady got stuck in the toilet before the cabin crew could help her to a seat. The 7 minutes turbulence rocked us all. The person sitting next to me asked if it is often experienced on UET route, I said, I am travelling to UET for the first time. Later I asked a cabin crew the same question and he explained, during summer and on a cloudy sky it is expected. Another senior crew member told us that we have just escaped death. Her precise words were, it was death which passed by you. It made me wonder how treacherous the work-life of cabin crew is. For a moment the glamour aspect appeared so vain. It was a memorable flight nonetheless.


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