When Love Sat Down Beside Me.

Afternoon of December, cold and trounce
Love sat down beside me
And I wonder.

How do you recognize the Beloved?
Everybody around me can tell
Can feel, yet not I.

Intimate conversation, began ceaselessly,
Ears, Eyes, Heart, Mind, quiet
Ah, what surprise.

That brush of hands; that touch of love,
Eager struggle, numb minds
Calm acceptance.

The Beloved wants to be known,
Delicious requirement of immorality and fantasy,
Exquisite revelation.

Retreats that fair being, observing from distance
Leaving one to wonder, breaking rules,
How will this develop?

Confusion and disarray, beloved comes to visit,
Body, mind, emotions, desire responded;
Each different.

Transformed into Ideal perfection,
Hiding in self, changed from before,
Hope knowingly unfulfilled.

Looking out of the window of self,
Fumbled belonging, warm understanding,
Befuddled wonder, real fear of caused distress.

Perhaps there is an all-ness, yet,
The humanity in me, confused,

How can I figure out, the course to navigate,
All previously explored,
Nothing germane now.

In my experience of living,
Now is unique,
Touched by tranquil affection.

Exploding galaxies, sun drenched meadows,
Grace manifest, beautiful love personified,
All seem pale in the face of serene loving.

Calm, vivid, focused, ease,
Perhaps the breakthrough is in belief,
And in hope, for more love.

- Penned by Phillip Gowins.
- Messed by Shazia Sabeen.

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